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The 52nd Annual Submariner's Conference - Interpreting for French Submariners.

I completed a stint as an interpreter (in a volunteer capacity) for the International Community of Submariners Associations for their 52nd Annual Conference hosted by the British this year in Portsmouth. I interpreted mainly for the French contingency, along with the German contingency, which was fairly small this year.

I attended the first three days of this five day conference and interpreted for the French Delegation. I welcomed the group to Portsmouth along with the organiser (Brian De Mullet) I spent the evening with the French submariners and interpreted for the French Delegation's Leader at the Opening Ceremony. I went with them on their tours of Arundel, Southampton Harbour and Portsmouth Harbour with the Submarine Museum in Gosport.

This image is one taken on board a harbour tour in Portsmouth Harbour.

Click Here: For the Facebook Photo Album of photographs I took while interpreting for the French Submariners at the 52nd Annual Submariners Convention in Portsmouth, May 2015.

Click Here: For the Royal Nay Coverage of the 52nd Annual Submariners Conference.

Click Here: For the Submariners Convention Official International Website. The Official Photos include one of me at the opening ceremony dinner with the French Contingency (Slide 8)

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