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Practise your languages with me


As a fully qualified languages teacher and translator, I pride myself on keeping my languages current by regularly organising social events in the Portsmouth area for speakers of French, German and Italian. These events are organised through groups on Facebook and held in the Greater Portsmouth area. I am a member of similar groups for Russian and Spanish speakers. I also maintain a small group for translators in the Portsmouth area called the South Central Translators network. 


Further details of the social groups can be found in the information in the boxes below. The pictures and titles link to the group pages on Facebook. No Facebook? - You can e-mail the groups using the links provided. 

French Speakers in Portsmouth
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Founded in 2013, by James Emery on Still has a presence there with many organisers. Added to Facebook with James and other organisers, now managed on Facebook by myself, Cécile Girard and James Emery.

Italian Speakers in Portsmouth
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Founded in 2016, by Ken Gregory on Migrated to Facebook with Ken, and Gio Gregory, now managed on Facebook by myself, Ken and Gio Gregory.

German Speakers in Portsmouth
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Founded in 2006, by Sascha Hrastnik on Migrated to Facebook with Sascha and other organisers, now managed on Facebook by myself Sabine Denk and Johann Carpenter.

South Central Translators Network
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Following a meeting with translators in Portsmouth organised by members of 'Tweet Out West' based in the West of England and South Wales areas. I decided, with the help of Marie Jackson, to found the South Central Translators Network on Facebook. A group aiming to work with ITI to provide support. 

Caen-Portsmouth Friendship Committee
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I am the Chair of the Caen-Portsmouth Friendship Committee. A group of volunteers who work together to promote links between Portsmouth and its twin town of Caen in France.


I am currently collaborating with other companies and entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom, France and Germany. 

This link will take you to the page which gives further details of the work I am doing in collaboration with my partners. 

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