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A translation "Voyage Voyage" with Desireless and Operation of the Sun

N.B. There are links to websites outside this webpage embedded within the text. You can link to the Desireless Official Website, to The Breeze Radio Station Portsmouth and to the most famous UK number 5 hit of 1988 Voyage Voyage.

At Easter this year, one of Portsmouth's local radio stations (The Breeze) had an "All 80s weekender", where they played a wide variety of hits from the 80s. One of which was Desireless' - Voyage Voyage, a song I still own on 7" single, but had not listened to for a fair while.

This inspired me to look her up online and I came across her official page here on It was in both French and in English. The English needed a bit of attention to make it read well, so I used the contact page to offer to help. I received a response from Antoine Aurèche a young French musician, who works under the name "Operation of the Sun", someone I believe might also be the son of Desireless aka Claudie Fritsch.

He said he would love to have help with the English and so I copied the texts from the website and posted the corrected versions, which will eventually be loaded up onto the website. Today the original English versions are beginning to be updated to my versions, a link to my name and Facebook page is also now live. So I am officially credited as the translator on the Desireless official website.

Eventually the main bulk of the English will be my translations, it all will take time.

À Claudie et à Antoine - Je vous remercie beaucoup de m'avoir donné cette occasion et me laisser travailler avec vous et je vous souhaite beaucoup de chance avec tous vos projets à venir!

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