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Academia Webinars

For some months now, I have been working Academia Webinars, a company based in Germany offering webinars for translators, interpreters, educators and other people associated with Academia in both German and in English.

Here is an image of their website, with me listed as a speaker along with other translators and experts in their field.

I have recorded a Webinar about the use of Mac OS X for novices. I began using the Mac OS in 1999, when it was known as Mac OS 8.5 and looked remarkably different to the current Mac OS X. I was very much self-taught as the iMac I had came with no manual. I found it very intuitive though and soon got to grips with most aspects of the Mac OS daily use.

Mac for Novices [Academia Video Course]

Speaker: Andrew Starr

In this video course, I will look at the Mac OS X and how I use it on a daily basis and have done so for over 17 years. Although the way it looks has changed considerably, the basic underlying functions are still the same.

There are some new ways of doing things too, introduced since the first time I used the Mac OS and I will show you some of these as well.

I will take you through some of the steps that are second nature to me and which may well enhance how you use the Mac OS.

The Current Mac OS 'Sierra'

The Current Mac OS 'Sierra'

A Classic Mac OS much like the one I began with in 1999

The Mac OS Classic OS Starting Up (1999-2001)

This image grabbed from my Sierra Desktop running a Classic Emulator known as Sheepsaver.

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